How about that alliteration, huh? While Valentine’s Day is still a few weeks out, it’s time to make a reservation now before everywhere is book. Luckily for Hepburn residents, Dupont Circle is the perfect neighborhood for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner as there are tons of restaurant options. Below are a few that I’d love to be taken to on 2/14.


I promise I didn’t pick Floriana because of all the red..but it’s kinda perfect, right? Floriana is one of my all-time favorite restaurants in D.C. The food is so good and the ambiance is incredibly charming. The service is also wonderful. It’s the perfect restaurant on a normal day, but it’s even better on Valentine’s Day.

Residents DC

I still have yet to go to Residents, but I’ve heard amazing things. This is the hot spot in Dupont now. Very hip vibes, good music, and a fun bar. This would be a great spot for pre-Valentine’s Day dinner drinks, the actual dinner, and / or after-dinner drinks.

Iron Gate

Iron Gate is one of the most romantic restaurant’s in Dupont Circle. The outside courtyard is covered in beautiful vines which makes the patio the place to be. I’m also positive that they’ll have heaters out there throughout the winter months, but you may want to call and check so the cold doesn’t ruin your Valentine’s Day.

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