If you live in the Dupont Circle neighborhood in D.C., you’re lucky. If you live at The Hepburn residences located in Dupont Circle, you’re the luckiest. Dupont Circle has always been one of the best neighborhoods in D.C. and it keeps getting better and better. The Hepburn is less than a 15 minute walk to two of the hottest new markets that recently opened. Both are great for coffee, breakfast, lunch – even happy hour.

Foxtrot Market

I believe the Dupont Circle locations marks the fourth location in D.C. and I’m loving it. The market carries a lot of well-known food & drink brands, but also so more obscure labels that have been really fun to try.

Tatte Bakery

Tatte (pronounced like latte) was born and bread (see what I did there?) in Boston, but made its way to D.C. and now boasts 5 locations in the DMV. The Dupont location is located where Magnolia and the Dupont Circa used to be. The food is insane, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait in line to get in. I also highly recommend their House Latte which is made with house-made honey halva syrup and tastes even better than it sounds.

Photos by CstoreDecisions.com, ProgressiveGrocer.com, Wtop.com, PCSGC.com, and Yelp.com

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