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The Dupont Circle FRESHFARM Farmer’s Market is one of the best perks of living in Dupont. The market runs year long from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm on Sundays and has to be the largest in the city. Located at the corner of 20th St NW between Mass Ave and Conn Ave, the offerings range from your classic fruits & vegetables to breakfast dishes, local distilleries, pastries and plants. That’s not even skimming the surface.

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While COVID-19 has made the experience a little different than usual, the market is still open. While you can still just show up, there may be a line. FRESHFARM is offering prereserved spots so you and one guest may enter without waiting.

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FRESHFARM has introduced a feature where you’re able to see the vendors that will be present at that week’s market ahead of time making it convenient and easier to plan ahead.

Speaking of, another feature that has been introduced is ordering ahead of time. From personal experience, this was a game-changer. You walk right up to the vendor, give them your name and you’re in and out within a couple minutes. Although browsing the offerings is still a favorite thing to do, preordering makes the experience a little safer.

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Another aspect that makes returning to the farmer’s market appealing, is community. Most vendors are local and knowing that you’re supporting a family farm and / or business makes it even more special of a Sunday activity.

Photography by FRESHFARM,, Washingtonian, and St. Gregory Hotel

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