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Now that you’ve upgraded your lifestyle and made the wise (and fun!) decision to become a Hepburn resident, you might as well stick to all your new year resolutions. Dry January has become a real thing and I’ve noticed that it tends to stick around through February or even March..really just until the next charity event or wedding.

As a Dupont Circle resident, I have tried numerous coffee shops in the area. While this was a challenge, I narrowed it down to my three favorite in the neighborhood (and all within walking distance of The Hepburn) and they each offer something special. They are in no particular order…

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Dolcezza 1704 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20036

Dolcezza offers a chic, upscale experience. The cafe is small, but typically filled with studying students, working professionals and locals grabbing a Macchiato or Espresso. This is the closest of the three to The Hepburn and is the perfect spot to quickly stop in and pick-up a quality coffee.

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Un je ne sais Quoi 1361 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20036

This French coffee shop has some of the prettiest pastries you’ve ever seen. The pictures don’t do them justice, but trust me on this one. The next time you stop in for a latte or cold brew, I can bet you won’t leave without one of their croissants or a couple madeleines. This cafe will make you feel like you’re in Paris and will keep you coming back for that European feel.

Emissary 2032 P St NW Washington, DC 20036

While I frequent the first two coffee shops, Emissary is usually my choice if I have a little extra time and want to have a bite to eat along with my coffee. You can’t tell by the understated entrance, but Emissary is a fairly large space with a restaurant, studying spaces and even a bar!

There you have it; my three favorite coffee shops in Dupont Circle. I hope you like them as much as me!

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