Dare I say, travel is back? Yes, there are restrictions and yes it’s a bit annoying, but it’s worth it. Most countries are open to American tourists without quarantine rules now, so have at it!

Wherever you end up traveling to, the luggage can either make it better or make it worst. I remember one trip I took overseas and my carry-on ended up breaking when I was running to catch a train, so I’ve learned my lesson that quality is important. Along with not overpacking…

These three brands are not only stylish, they’re functional and known to be of high-quality.

SteamLine Luggage

SteamLine pieces are adorable. I always say to myself, “So cute!” whenever I see someone carrying one of these in the airport. They remind me of old school trunks and I’d love to own a set. They come in a range of colorways, so everyone can find a set they love.

Away Travel

Away is probably my favorite of the three. They combine a simple and classic design with high-quality, but won’t break the bank. I have all sizes and they’ve all made it through multiple trips. I also love the in-bag phone charger, but some airlines are trying to do away with those, so be sure to check the rules before flying with one of these.


When I think of Rimowa, I think luxury. This luggage is definitely priced as a luxury product, but is sure to last you a lifetime of travel. Don’t let the fun colors fool you, they also carry most pieces in a sleek black or silver; even aluminum if you dare.

Bon Voyage!

Photos by SteamLineLuggage.com, Observer.com, CNN.com, and Kaynakotomotiv.com.tr

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