I know I just posted about the best Mexican places in Dupont, but hear me out. Every now and then, you need a fun Taco Tuesday with your friends. The workout wear is for all the other days when you’re sticking to your resolutions 🙂 Below are some of the “chicest” sets I’ve seen.


I know the Gen Z’ers think Lululemon is basic, but I’m way past caring about that. It’s an amazing brand with an amazing product. Yes, it’s expensive, but the fit and design of their items can’t be beat.

Alo Yoga

I’ve heard wonderful things about Alo Yoga. From what I’ve heard, the quality is similar to Lulu and they seem to be a hit among celebs.

Outdoor Voices

I think Outdoor Voices has some of the cutest designs and most fun color combos. These sets are definitely for those who want to make a statement when getting fit.

Photos by Glamour.com, ETOnline.com, People.com, Self.com

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