Here’s a couple of the most chic (and comfy) coats this season!

Puffer Coat

While the puffer coat used to be for function only, it’s now a staple fashion piece. Prices range from very low to very high, so they’re great for any budget. I’m not so sure about the super-duper oversized look like some of the celebrities wear, but a normal-fit puffer should be something in everyone’s closet.

Shearling Coat

The shearling coat can sometimes lean a little 60s/70s, but can also look super chic depending on what you wear with it. To get the 70s vibe, wear with some flare blue get chic, pair with skinny black’s that simple.

Teddy Coat

Owning a Max Mara teddy coat is a bucket list item of mine..kidding..kind of. This coat looks so fashionable while also offers an insane amount of warmth.

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