As you may know, The Hepburn has probably the nicest in-residence gyms in DC. It’s huge, houses state-of-the-art workout machines and even is home to a ginormous private yoga room.

One of my favorite things to do during COVID is trying out different at-home workouts. At The Hepburn, you aren’t limited to just the space of your unit to workout – you have access to the amazing gym. Here are a few of my favorites:

Fit with ASD

This program, Fit with ASD, was created by influencer, Grace White. I follow along via her Instagram account (which is free), but she also has monthly / annual plans that offer much more than a quick reel to try and watch.


While not everyone has an actual Peloton, everyone has access to their online workouts. With a monthly membership, you have access to stretching, running, and yes – even yoga. You also have access to their amazing instructors. My favorite: Cody.


Rumble is one of my all-time favorite workouts. In the gym does offer a certain hype factor, but their at home classes are just as fun – and way more convenient. You also don’t *need* boxing gloves which is an extra cost when you’re at their studio.

As COVID continues and new strains keep popping up, at-home workouts are becoming the “it” thing. I hope you enjoy the ones I’ve found.

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