Right on the corner of 18th and S, this pizza joint has been busy ever since it moved into Dupont. The pizzas are your classic Neapolitan style and they are delicious. There are a few more locations around the DMW, but I prefer the Dupont location because of the patio. The atmosphere is great, but the pizza is even better.

Pizza Paradiso

This pizza spot is ideal for those commuting by metro – it’s literally a one-minute walk from the Dupont stop. This location also has a great patio and multiple locations around the city. Their focus is on the crust and they take it seriously. The pizzas are cooked in a domed, stone, wood-burning oven at 650 degrees in order to get the perfect balance of risen and crispy.

Red Light

While this isn’t quite in Dupont, it’s worth a mention – and only a 15 minute walk away. This spot serves Detroit style pizza. Think the thickness of deep dish, but square, crispy edges, more crust, and less sauce. To me, it’s the perfect combo.

Photos by Washington Post, Popville, Eater DC, Eater DC, and Washingtonian

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