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Guys. I’m fully vaccinated. I’m not saying that to brag – I’m saying that because I have no idea what to do with myself. Weirdly, it’s a great feeling. While there are some things about pre-pandemic life that I don’t miss (cough – working from home – cough), I’ve missed going to a restaurant and not having to wear a mask. I’ve missed not worrying about walking past someone on the sidewalk. Things like that which I’m sure we all can relate.

Along with most places, The Hepburn residences in Dupont have fully lifted their restrictions and are open for in-person tours. I think we all learned how important loving your home is during the past year. Now is the time to live in one of the nicest places in D.C. – The Hepburn. Not only are the individual units beautiful, their amenities can’t be beat. And it’s all open!

Not only are all their pre-pandemic amenities available, they’re upgrading their pool by retiling it, installing a terrace on the front lawn, and expanding the dog park!

If you’ve ever been interested in moving to The Hepburn, now’s the time! Here’s a link to their open floorplans and don’t forget – you can tour them in person:

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