Even though most restrictions will be lifted by May 21st – I have a feeling we’re all going to keep binge-watching shows on Netflix. Maybe it won’t be a new show every week, but it’s something we’ve become very accustomed to and I’m okay with that. I rounded up a few of my favorite shows to binge.

Good Girls

Now, I know this show isn’t new, but I recently started watching it and it is definitely binge-worthy. This show has everything – drama, comedy, romance, suspense. And for those that really like to binge, it has four seasons!


For those design obsessed, Halston on Netflix showcases the life of the designer, Halston. I’m only on episode three, but I can’t stop watching. Selfishly, I’m 50% watching it for the costume design – the outfits are stunning.

Sharp Objects

This limited-series show also isn’t technically “new”, but it’s new to me. Amy Adams plays the main character and plays it so well. The show is based of the book and it follows it well.

Love Life

Anna Kendrick plays the main character of this HBO one-season series and any 20/30-something will be able to relate to her in some capacity. It follows her journey of finding love and finding herself. It’s cute, funny and has something for everyone. I also think I heard it may be coming back for a second season..

The Flight Attendant

Another HBO mini-series – but a little scary. This show is a bit heavier than Love Life as it follows the main character as she tries to solve the mystery of a one-night stand. It’s unlike anything else and will keep you wanting watch episode after episode.

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