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Who would have guessed it? We’re still in a phase of the Stay-at-Home order here in DC. This time is the best time to catch up on all those shows that have been on your must-watch list.

The Hepburn residences are the best place to cozy up and binge-watch with their expansive, warm living spaces and amazing concierge services who will make sure your food deliveries are delivered in time for you to have your favorite meal with your new favorite show.

I’ve compiled a list below of the top 10 shows I’ve watched during quarantine. Yes, I know there are a few with Reese Witherspoon, but I am originally from Nashville so I have to stay loyal to my fellow Southerners.

Hepburn blog
Little Fires Everywhere
Normal People
The Americans
Lost (again)
Hepburn blog
Big Little Lies
Hepburn blog
Outer Banks
The Morning Show
Dead to Me

Hopefully the Stay-at-Home order ends before you’ve had time to watch them all, but if not, then at least you’ll be entertained for the rest of your time indoors!

Photos from IMDB and Hulu

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