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Yes, I know the title sounds funny. However, I wanted to bring to you a list of five things to do when stuck inside and I wanted them to match the living experience of The Hepburn. Not only does The Hepburn offer 24/7 Concierge contactless service which includes package and food delivery, the individual units offer an upscale place to take refuge during these unknown times.

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Number 1: Home Organization

While this may not sound glamorous, think about all the beautiful homes and apartments you’ve seen. Now think, have they ever been cluttered and disorganized? I’m guessing, no. This is your time to organize your kitchen cabinets, clean out your closet, tidy up your makeup drawer, etc. While I’m partial to The Home Edit for inspiration, there are many other companies and individuals out there with tips and tricks on how to make your space look even more amazing. They partner with The Container Store to bring you the perfect organizational pieces for your home. Not only are they functional, they’re beautiful and will only complement your space. The Home Edit has even posted in their blog “THE 14-Day Mini Edit” to perfectly fill up the time.

Blog Hepburn

Number 2: Update your Skincare Regimen

If there has ever been a time to try new skincare products, this is it. Most stores that carry these products are offering free shipping, amazing discounts, and a lot of them accept returns if you end up not being happy with the product(s). My go-to stores are Violet Gray, Sephora, Cos Bar, Bluemercury, and Dermstore. So why not order that new serum you’ve been wanting to try or the night moisturizer you’ve been eyeing? My personal favorite thing to try during these times are all the face masks. By the end of all of this, you’ll come out with your skin looking better than ever.

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Number 3: Passwords & Address Book

I know this probably falls into the organization category, but I always feel so much better when I know all of my important information is up to date and stored in a safe place. I know it’s probably more convenient to have everything stored electronically, but I am old school (or “classic” as I like to say) and keep all of this in a physical planner. Golden Coil is my absolutely favorite brand and while it is on the pricier side for a planner, you can customize it any way you want. I chose to include pages to write down all my passwords as well as a few address pages to make sure I have all my closest friend’s and family’s information readily available.

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Number 4: Gourmet Recipes

Now is the perfect time to brush off your cooking skills and really try something new. My favorite cookbook at the moment is Alison Roman’s Dining In and while it would look beautiful in any kitchen, most of her recipes are also available online. Maybe surprise your significant other with a date night on your balcony since the weather has been so nice? But this idea doesn’t just stop at food. This is a great time to try out a new craft cocktail recipe or splurge on a new espresso machine and try a new coffee drink..maybe even a little latte art.

Blog Hepburn

Number 5: Read

Wow – groundbreaking, I know. But truly, this is the time to read that book you’ve been putting off. Or maybe teach yourself something new. Read up on gardening, sailing, read up on that that vacation destination you’re desperately going to want to visit when this is all over. Open your residence to new stories and adventures and it may just help you overcome feeling stuck inside.

I personally think The Hepburn is the most luxurious place you could possibly be stuck while this all plays out. I can’t imagine anywhere nicer.

Photography by Kimberly Graydon, Bon Appetit, The Home Edit

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