I know we all just got over the holiday eating fog, but it’s time to think about what yummy treats you want to make for your special someone (or yourself…). I’ll be trying out these three recipes and I might even share with my husband.


Aren’t these cute?? I love this idea. You make regular Rice Krispy treats and add sprinkles / icing / whatever you want or you can mix in Valentine’s Day M&M’S, pastel mini-marshmallows.


I love mixing sweet and salty treats, so these are these chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks are the perfect dessert! Again, these are super simple to make. Purchase a bag of your favorite pretzel sticks (I’m not about to ask you to make the actual pretzel) and melt some chocolate, dip, and decorate!


Hear me out – these Valentine’s Day Truffles are made with dates. I know that may deter some tried and true “sweet-tooth-ers”, these are guilt free. The recipe is also fairly simple. It calls for dates, cocoa powder, nut butter, vanilla extract and cute sprinkles!

I hope you all feel the love this Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to treat yourself!

Photos by Delish.com, CookingontheSide.com, LilaLoa.com, and RunninginaSkirt.com

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