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Have you ever wondered what an actual residence at The Hepburn looks like? I was able to take a tour before we were all told to stay at home and I can’t explain how nice they are..but I’m going to try.

You know when you walk into someone’s home and it’s so nice you get a little jealous? That’s what walking into a Hepburn residence feels like. The entirety of the space is designed with upscale finishes and the layout make you feel at home.

The living spaces are cozy, yet chic using neutral tones in order to allow for any design, decor, or furniture.

The kitchen is very high-end and offers some of the nicest full-size appliances.

The bedrooms are large with more than enough space for a queen or king bed. Also, take a look at the windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows are throughout the whole space and is probably my favorite feature.

I spoke too soon. The bathrooms and closets are my favorite. The design, finishes and hardware are classic, yet modern. You feel at home, only if home was a five-star hotel.

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However, as perfect as the floor-to-ceiling windows and upscale bathrooms are, my absolute favorite feature are the balconies. Not all residences offer the feature, but I think they’re worth it if you can get one. That view can’t be beat.

If you’re interested in seeing their residences, The Hepburn is still offering virtual tours in order to comply with social distancing. You can schedule one here!

Photography by Kimberly Graydon

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